Development and evaluation of an online three-level proton vs photon decision support prototype for head and neck cancer – Comparison of dose, toxicity and cost-effectiveness

Qing Cheng, Erik Roelofs, Bram L.T. Ramaekers, Daniëlle Eekers, Johan van Soest, Tim Lustberg, Tim Hendriks, Frank Hoebers, Hans Paul van der Laan, Erik W. Korevaar, Andre Dekker, Johannes A. Langendijk, Philippe Lambin


To quantitatively assess the effectiveness of proton therapy for individual patients, we developed a prototype for an online platform for proton decision support (PRODECIS) comparing photon and proton treatments on dose metric, toxicity and cost-effectiveness levels. An evaluation was performed with 23 head and neck cancer datasets.


PRODECIS system outline

Overview of the online PRODECIS system set-up. Two parallel pipelines do the photon and proton calculations.