EPTN International Neurological Contouring Atlas

Eekers et al. have published an international neurological atlas for the contouring of organs at risk in collaboration with the European Particle Therapy Network (EPTN).

You can find the Atlas here: doi:10.17195/candat.2017.08.1


Persistent Identifiers with DOI

We're glad to announce that we have introduced persistent identifiers for our datasets using the DOI system. This offers persistent, semantically-interoperable resolution to CancerData research material. Furthermore, it simplifies and stimulates the re-use of valuable data for the community. One example is given here: doi:10.17195/candat.2015.10.5

Radiation Oncology Ontology - ROO

Radiation Oncology OntologyThe Radiaditon Oncology Ontology (ROO) is a free, open-access ontology that provides Radiation Oncology specific terms such as Margins, ROI target volumes, DVH parameters, protocols, etc.

More information is found here.


CancerData is offering several datasets. They are grouped in collections and can be public or private. You can search for public datasets in the NBIA image archives without logging in. Please send us an email to inquire for registration to CancerData to access private collections.


At Maastro Clinic, we strongly believe in the Computer Assisted Theragnostics (CAT) concept. By creating a shared database with medical imaging and characteristics in cancer patients, tumours and treatments we can greatly improve the ability to learn and predict the outcome of individual treatments within the coming years. Furthermore, it will ease and speed up the administration of patients for clinical trials and enhance the trial analysis.

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