From Data to Decision - A Knowledge Engineering approach to individualise cancer therapy

Erik Roelofs

Curriculum Vitae

H.A. (Erik) Roelofs, commonly known as ER(ik), was born on April 23rd, 1971, in Almelo. He is a medical physicist and scientist with a history in system engineering, involving project management and product design in a holistic, mechatronic approach. This overarching profile is reflected in his work combining the domains of medical physics and informatics with the development of medical data exchange infrastructures and knowledge-driven decision support systems, among others.
He pioneered in the set-up of a Bio-Medical Imaging Archive of the CTMM-TraIT project (, which enables a national, centralised research infrastructure to collect and share biomedical images and data. Furthermore, he developed the MISTIR collaboration platform for secure data exchange (, including quality assurance measures and analyses procedures, to enable international, multicentric in silico ROCOCO trials investigating the possible benefit of particle therapy.
He is involved in technology transfer activities via the ptTheragnostic spin-off company ( of MAASTRO clinic that sets out to enable the right treatment for the right patient. He leads the development of PRODECIS, which is an online, multi-level decision support system that facilitates a rapid, model-based stratification, which is needed in the Netherlands for the assessment of proton therapy for breast, head and neck, lung and prostate cancer.
He continues his work at MAASTRO clinic, connecting medical physics and information management. His current efforts include the proper reuse of medical information in international settings, such as enabling data micro-publishing via online research information systems ( Furthermore, he is leading the Medical Informatics team, which focusses on the safe introduction and sustained use of innovative medical software in a busy, clinical environment. 
He is happily married to Daniëlle Eekers and a proud father of Karsten and Imke.


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