CancerData is offering several datasets. They are grouped in collections and can be public or private. You can search for public datasets in the NBIA image archives without logging in. Please send us an email to inquire for registration to CancerData to access private collections.

Below is a list of datasets that are provided on CancerData. As we are gradually filling the database you might want to check this page again later.

CERR_Radiomics 1 private
MAASTRO 1 public
QIN_Radiomics 55 private
ROCOCO 25 public (in progress)
THUNDER 3 public (in progress)
HX4 RATS 5 public
Tumour Hypoxia 3 public
HX4 phase I 6 public
Cardiac morbidity 1 public
Radiomics 422 public (coming soon)

Note that we have created an easy way to download collections based on the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) from the accompanying paper. Follow the instructions described here : shared lists